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Schedule a Performance

[Note: As of November 7, 2015, the Steppers will not be scheduling any more performances.]

Contact the Dance Team at or call 703-860-4941.

Give your name, organization, phone number, and requested date/time for your performance, and the Team Coordinator will contact you to make arrangements. Since the Country Steppers are part of NVCWDA, a not-for-profit Association, we do not require a fee for our performance. However, honorariums to help offset Team expenses are appreciated.

Want to be a Dance Team Member?

The Country Steppers are always looking for new members, singles or couples. Team members must have a general understanding of the basics of country-western dance to include two-step, waltz, east and west coast swing, and cha-cha. Anyone wishing to join the team should contact a member of the Country Steppers, email the Dance Team at, or call 703-860-4941. Steppers stepping out

Steppers Reunions

The Steppers held their first reunion on September 27, 2008. See a few photos of the event.

The Steppers had another reunion on September 21, 2013 to coincide with NVCWDA's Anniversary Dance at Hollin Hall Senior Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Country Steppers


The Country Steppers are the official demonstration dance team of NVCWDA.

Note: We are in the process of re-evaluating our dance team concept. Would you like to join the new, less formal group? See the update on the demonstration dance team.

The Steppers take country-western dance into the community by demonstrating all aspects of traditional country-western dance and by teaching the dance basics. The Team consists of approximately 20 members of the NVCWDA. The Steppers are a "Dance Family" that enjoys working together to improve their dancing skills and involving others in this enjoyable, challenging hobby.

Some photos of the Country Steppers at the NVCWDA 2012 benefit dance for Fisher House are posted on Facebook.

You also can view some more photos of a few of our performances here.

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Steppers gather for a group photo at the NVCWDA benefit dance, April 2012.

Check out some video clips of the Country Steppers performing: during NVCWDA 29th Anniversary Dance September 2015; Cotton-Eyed Joe during the NVCWDA Benefit Dance in April 2015; West Coast Swing routine during NVCWDA Benefit Dance in April 2013; and Cha Cha routine, Two Step routine, and Waltz routine for Halloween at the Paul Springs Retirement Community in Alexandria, VA in 2011.

The Steppers performances can be scheduled for almost any night of the week, or on the weekends. Since most of the team members work throughout the greater Northern Virginia area, weekends are preferred. However, evening performances are possible if they begin no earlier than 7:30 p.m. Performances have included public events such as county fairs, the Ellipse at the White House and at the National Christmas Tree, nursing homes, schools, charity events, private parties, civic associations, and commercial gatherings. The Steppers were featured entertainers twice on the Nashville Network's Club Dance TV show during the 1990s and also have appeared on Communicating Today with John Monsul on Fairfax Public Access TV, in November 2011 and also in February 2009. They performed on the show again in June 2013.

The Country Steppers will provide their own music and amplifier system. The group has danced on almost any surface, from grass to concrete to blacktop. Yes, we even get the occasional chance to dance on tile or wood floors! To best demonstrate country-western dance, we need sufficient space to hold up to approximately 20 dancers. If you have unique space limitations, please let us know when you schedule a performance and we will plan accordingly.

Upcoming Performances

Sorry. Performances are not being scheduled at this time.